(Nurturing & Automation)

If you’re an ecommerce business wanting to cultivate relationships, performance marketing, acquisition and retention, then you’re in the right place.

— Sharpen your digital strategy and engage better with your customers. –



001. Email Marketing.

Your email database is one of your most profitable assets, providing you know how to nurture, engage, reengage and convert your customers.

The foundation for successful email automation lives in data. We can offer clear and concise strategy which delivers direct conversions for your business, increasing sales efficiency. Automations use triggers to send emails at the right time. We can gain valuable insights from how people interact with your automation to improve efficiency.

002. Messenger Marketing.

With the rise in chatbots and the launch of Whatsapp ads, having this at the front and centre of you digital marketing strategy will ensure a continuous conversation and solidify you becoming part of the social fold.

  • Drive awareness and acquire customers: Connect with people to help them discover your brand or your latest products
  • Customer care: Provide support for people without the frustration of waiting on hold or being transferred to different departments – including delivering time-sensitive information or notifications to keep people in the loop
  • Enable transactions and create seamless buying experiences
  • Flows can be segmented across multiple verticals, for example, they types of attractions they are interested in, age, interests and outdoor vs indoor. Our chatbot and email nurture systems plug directly into CRMs and WordPress.
  • Chatbots benefit from 80% open rates and 25% click through rates.
  • We can build welcome flows to educate new customers, reactivation flows to nurture and excite customers stuck in your pipeline

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